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Western York County Scenic Byway, York County, South Carolina
Avenue Design Partners is assisting the Charlotte Office of Planning Communities in developing a Corridor Master Plan for a scenic byway in western York County, South Carolina. The byway connects several sites important in the American resistance to Great Britain’s southern campaign during the revolutionary war. Beginning 30 miles southwest of Charlotte, the byway begins 30 miles southwest of Charlotte at Kings Mountain National Military Park managed by the National Park Services. From there it connects to the historic towns of York, McConnells, Sharon, Hickory Grove, and Smyrna. The byway features numerous historical buildings, museums, markers, and beautiful rolling countryside. Avenue Design is assisting in developing a plan to manage the visual character of the route and providing recommendations on potential roadway improvements.

Landscape and Environmental Design Guidance, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, Washington, District of Columbia
Currently Avenue Design Partners is writing the latest version of AASHTO’s guidance for effectively integrating the highways and streets of the country into their surroundings and in accordance with the aspirations of the communities these facilities serve, by using its trademarked approach for developing appropriate transportation solutions.