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The Twain Shall Meet: Proposed Method for Integrating Context-Sensitive Solutions into Design-Build Programs
in Highway Design 2012.
Craig Churchward and Michael Schroeder
Transportation Research Record 2309
Transportation Research Board
Washington, DC, 2012

This report outlines procedures developed for the Minnesota Department of Transportation for integrating the principles of Context Sensitive Solutions into the delivery of Design-Build projects using innovative methods for establishing, monitoring, measuring, and paying for Visual Quality Management objectives.  The journal in which the article appears can be ordered on-line from the Transportation Research Board:

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Report 741: Evaluation of Methodologies for Visual Impact Assessment

National Cooperative Highway Research Program
Transportation Research Board
Washington, DC

Managed an international team of academic researchers in conducting an extensive literature search, a comprehensive survey of state departments of transportation, and a thorough review of selected visual impact assessments to develop a set of state-of-the-art best practices for assessing visual impacts caused by highway projects.  NCHRP Report 741 Evaluation of Methodologies for Visual Impact Assessment is available for free on-line at:

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The article in "Highway Design 2012" was written as an employee of LHB. Cover illustrations from TRB and FHWA.